Comments Welcome!

When I started this site I had no idea that WordPress sites were such a target of spam. All bot driven, the spam is just a waste of space and time. It hurts interested commenters.

I am happy to report that I have gotten the site updated and have implemented a sophisticated spam blacker. Comments are now possible from anyone. They will be available immediately, unless you are a spammer

Possibly you might get blocked inadvertently. I apologize in advance. If this happens please email me at sholland at napervillegi dot com. There may be some additional adjustments I need to make.


Spam comments just deleted

I’m new to this WordPress system. I set up the system to allow comments, but it was filled with 3000 spam articles from illegitimate online pharmacy advertisements. I’ve deleted all the comments.

I am working with my registrar/hosting serive to get this working. I still cannot register new users, and comments are still screwed up. I hope the staff at will get this fixed, soon!

Dr. Holland

IBD Sucks/QurlyJoe site added to links

The QurlyJoe site, also known as the IBD Sucks site, is added to the Links page

The site IBDSucks was added to the links.

The website IBD Sucks is aptly named. It is an older site, but has a very focussed set of links related to IBD. Back in the day, it was known as the QurlyJoe site. I still don’t know what that means. Now, there are chat rooms there for support. A simple registration is needed, but get inside and lots of links!